101 Stunning Christmas Gift Ideas for your Loving Mom

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101 Stunning Christmas Gift Ideas for your Loving Mom

This entry was posted on November 2, 2017 by Shilpi Roy.

Andy Williams was right when he said “Its the most wonderful time of the year”. No one can deny that.
The lights, the snow, the gifts and what not. The atmosphere around you gets better on its own. The people around you become nicer, the friends, family, your colleagues, your classmates and what not.
So what is the reason behind the happiest time of the year ? The time of the year which automatically makes everything better. Let’s look into that.

What’s with Christmas and Presents ?

The tradition of going with presents to your loved ones actually has a historical evidence. This can be traced back to the days way back before Jesus was born. Several communities like the Nords used to have a Winter solistice festival in which the ritual of gifting was very prevalent.

Eventually, Christianity adopted this tradition too.The Bible cites the reason behind this tradition of that of Magi or the Three Wise Men. The Magi brought gifts of Frankincense, gold and myrrh to baby Jesus in the manger, to show their respect towards the baby Jesus. So now the Christians do the same by giving presents to their close ones.

The another modern day interpretation might be that since it’s Jesus’s birthday and any sorts of material presents cannot be presented to him, people tend to exchange gifts with each other

What to gift your Mom on Christmas ?

Some people are just born with great shopping techniques and mindset. They exactly know what to buy, where to buy it from and each and every minute detail about their shopping spree.

But there’s the another lot which is always confused and might end up buying a large quantity of the same item to gift each and every person they know of ( I’m not even kidding over here )

Although here comes the part where both of these parties might end up confused and clueless – buying a gift for their dear moms. Admit it, we’ve all been there where
we’re like : Colleagues ✓
Friends ✓
Siblings ✓
Mom ??
Well as always we’re here to help you out. After going through various gifting ideas we’ve narrowed down our list to 101 items. Is it a lot ? Well, still less than what our moms do for us.
So let’s get started !

1. Gift Set


  • Gift-Set

A plain, simple but rather a much effective idea is a gift set. During the holidays many stores tend to bring up these gift sets which might include a complete set of pendant, earrings and even a watch. There’s no harm in gifting a git set, trust us.
Just go for her favourite colors and buy a set which has a design of her taste and you are good to go.

2. Christmas Painting Gifts


  • Christmas Painting Gifts

Now, if your mother has that artistic flair or is inclined towards art you might go for a painting. A painting which might reflect the theme of the season or even better, her very own portrait. Now, this portrait might be handmade by yourself if you’re good at it or you can always go for a professional service. A caricature, a sketch, a painting or anything artistic will do. Moreover, you know where you need to go for all your artistic needs. As we said, we’ve always got you covered.

3. Spa Retreat

Spa-Retreat most thoughtful gifts for mom

Well, who’s not going to like a day where they are just lying down with all their body parts being massaged and relaxed ?
If your mom’s the hardworking one and hardly spends a relaxing day its time that you gift her a coupon and make her have the day to yourself. Let her relax, rejuvenate and chill.
Bonus tip : Prepare dinner for her, when she’s back.

4. Coupon Book


A Christmas gift isn’t the one which is expensive and fancy. You can spend as low as $ 5 and you’ll still be good.
Gift your dear mom a coupon book and bring out your creative side. Make her get out of her day to day tasks and help her relax a bit. As you know, it’s the feeling that counts.

5. Cleaning Service

Hire a Cleaning-Service

Now, there are moms who might be a cleaning freak just like Monica from ‘Friends’. Well, I won’t lie but my mom is one.
So, what if you fulfill her dream of a squeaky clean home while she sips her hot chocolate sitting on the chair ?
Hire a cleaning service for a day and make your mom relax and give her a surprise after the work is done.

6. Something from the Heart


  • Something-from-the-Heart

As they say, ‘Its the feeling that counts’. Well, ‘they’ are correct. Anything you gift your mom which includes intimacy and love will be amazing for her.
Call all your siblings and prepare a handmade card which she’s going to frame and put somewhere (trust me) or you might get all the siblings to get together and record a wonderful, sweet and happy video message and she’ll watch it again and again.

7. Personal Chef


  • Become your mom’s personal chef for a day

Become the chef of the home for a day. Make sure she gets her breakfast on bed, while she’s having that start preparing the lunch and top it off with an amazing dinner.

8. Books

If your mom is a reader, you can get her a bunch of different books

Get your mom a book of her choice or a bunch of books from her favourite author. She’s going to love it. Maybe go an extra mile and bring her a book she has wanted to read for a long time but couldn’t find it.

9. Sentiment Jewelry

nothing can be more sentimental than jewelry

Sentiments and feelings are the two things which mom love the most. Get her a piece of jewellery which has ‘I Love You’ or ‘Mom’ inscribed on it in your own handwriting. She’ll keep that close to her heart.

10. Mug


  • You can get custom mugs for your mom with a special picture

Might sound a bit cliche and old school but mugs can be your go-to option. Get it customised with a picture of you and your mom and gift it to her.

11. Movie Collection

get her a whole Christmas themed collection that she can enjoy over the holidays

Most of the moms are movie buffs. They might have a secret star crush and a list of favourite movies. But she might’ve given all of that up due to the responsibilities that she has on her shoulders. This Christmas make her relax, bring in the favourite list of movies she loves and make her binge-watch all of them.
Bonus Tip : Get the popcorn and hot chocolate ready

12. Kitchen Stuff


The homemaker moms who stay at home and make sure you aren’t hungry after school or you get your breakfast right in the morning, are going to love it if you get her a thing which helps her. Maybe, get that 3 in 1 food processor, or the cookie maker she always wanted or anything else which makes her life easier.

13. Wall Organizer


  • If your mom is a working lady, she could use a wall organizer for her office

Help your mom in organizing her office desk by gifting her an organizer. She might use it in her office and might even show off about how cool son or daughter she has got. Moreover, add some necessary office supplies in the organizer itself.

14. Wallet

A new wallet is considered a thoughtful gift

A new wallet is always considered a thoughtful and a premium gift. Get her an amazing wallet which she’s going to love for sure. Make sure you get the design, color and the functionalities right.

15. A Yoga Kit


  • get her a yoga kit that’s packed with an alignment mat

Is your mom a yoga buff ? Is she aiming to get fitter and start with yoga ? Well, then a yoga kit is the way to go. Get her a yoga kit with all the complete and necessary items she’s going to need. A little bit of health hurt nobody!

16. Bag

you can get her a versatile office bag for carrying her things or a laptop bag

Sometimes practicality beats everything. It may be that your mom might be using her old and dusty bag for her office. Make sure that changes this Christmas.

17. Makeup

mom love makeup

If your dear mom loves makeup then go ahead and buy her that sweet, simple and functional makeup kit that she can use anytime she wants. You might even get amazing deals during Christmas on makeup accessories.

18. Elegant Watch


  • A busy mom can definitely make use of an elegant watch

An elegant watch goes a long way to make someone stand out in the crowd. Make your mom one of that person. Go for luxury brands during Christmas which usually tend to offer huge discounts. Opt for a waterproof and a sturdy model.

19. Music

get her a music album

Moms love music. Obviously, they don’t make it much evident but they do love it. Go and make her spill out her favourite artist or genre and then surprise her with her favourite music album or CDs.

20. Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are an excellent choice here because they are cool, stylish and affordable too

Pillow covers are the most underrated gifts you can think of. Although, underrated they can be an amazing option considering the variety of options, designs and patterns that are available. Go for an amazing set of pillow covers for your mom’s bedrooms and ut can be anything you can think of.
BONUS TIP : You can also get a cute picture of you and your mom or a family picture printed on the cover.

21. Skin Products


Your mom might need a few skin products particular to her own needs. You can go and find out the best skin products in a particular segment. Although, it is advisable that you should do a thorough research about the product.

22. Chocolate


  • You can get custom chocolates made for her

Treat some sweet tooth of your mother by buying her a gift pack of chocolates. During the Holiday season you might even find numerous flavours and you might be able to get them customised too.

23. Shoes

go look for the best possible shoes that would look good on her

Without generalising over here, let’s know one thing – women love shoes. Therefore, go ahead and buy a pair of exciting shoes or boots in store and treat your mom with an amazing pair which makes her excited.

24. Coffee Maker

you can get her a great coffee maker that gives her the best-tasting cup of joe

For the moms who are always on the run and need a caffeine kick first thing in the morning a coffee maker will be an amazing idea. Make her remember you every morning when she goes for a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

25. Cashmere Robe


Yes, I know it’s going to be a bit harsh on your pockets but sir/ma’am, she’s your mom and it is a one time thing. So maybe start saving up and buy her the best that she deserves. Go for it!

26. Herb Garden


  • you can get her an herb garden that super easy to use and can also be maintained easily

If your mom is a cooking freak and loves to experiment with new dishes just for you then you might go for a herb garden for her.

27. Aroma Diffuser

Get your mom an aroma diffuser for her room which helps her calm down and relax after a hard working day at work.

Aroma diffusers do an amazing job when it comes to spreading an amazing aroma and relaxing the ones near it. Get your mom an aroma diffuser for her room which helps her calm down and relax after a hard working day at work.

28. Wine

get her a bottle of a very unique and delicious wine

It is quite possible that your mom might be a mom connoisseur. If the answer’s yes then go ahead and bring for her a beautifully aged bottle of wine which she’s going to love.

29. Fitness Tracker


  • get her a fitness tracker that she can use for keeping track of her vitals and other essential fitness data

As for the Yoga kit, if your mom has a goal to get fitter and better and go for daily runs then buy her a fitness tracker which will help her count her steps and progress on her daily goals.

30. Tea Cabinet

You can buy a wide array of teas and fill it for her and she will be thrilled

If your lovely mother loves tea and needs to try out different flavours and segments you can go for a tea cabinet or organiser and fill it with different varieties of teas which she’s going to love you for!

31. Pets

adopt a dog from the shelter, buy some basic accessories and give your mom a surprise

She might have wanted a pet when she was a teen or even smaller but that dream didn’t fulfill later on. Why not you fulfill it ? Go and find out a cute puppy or a kitten for her which she’ll admire a lot.

32. Bracelet


A piece of jewellery is a woman’s best friend. Go for a bracelet with a beautiful pendant or even better – get a personal message engraved on it.

33. Colorful Socks

you will find various colorful and patterned socks that make a really cute gift

Go for those cute, cozy and warm socks for your mom which she’s going to love for sure. Make sure they go with the theme.

34. Knitting Bowl

a knitting bowl would be a very thoughtful gift on Christmas

If your mom is the one who likes to knit in her free time then go for a knitting bowl which she’s going to love and is functional if she likes to knit.

35. Wireless Headphones


  • Introduce your mom to the latest tech with wireless headphones

Make sure your mom is adept with the latest technological innovations. Buy her a pair of wireless headphones which can be her go to source of entertainment.

36. Charging Stand

ech gift for your mom is a charging stand for her phone

Another tech innovation that you can gift your lovely mother can be a charging stand which she can use while in the kitchen or working and can video call you too !

37. Amazon Echo

Alexa will also answer questions and can even provide tips on housekeeping

Amazon Echo can prove out to be a great gift. It is simple, easy to use and versatile too. Go for an Amazon Echo and let your mom and Alexa bond.

38. Planner

If your mom likes to plan things and note them down, why don’t you get her a planner?

If your mom is the one who likes to plan things then go for a planner which she can use judiciously for her plans and can decide further.

39. A Care Basket


  • basket that includes bath and body products as well as other skincare products

This is a basket which includes most of the self care products which will be cool for her. Go and customize it according to her taste and flavours.

40. Netflix Subscription

you can get her subscription to Netflix

For the movie buff and show enthusiast mother a Netflix subscription can be an easy, thoughtful and light on the pocket gift which she’s going to love.

41. Wine Glasses

Moms just love wine glasses and there are various designs you can find

A wine glass with a personalized message from a daughter to her mom. Doesn’t it sound so cool ? Well, it is. Go for it and thank us later.

42. Gardening Starter Kit

She’s going to love it if she’s into gardening and flowers.

Opt for a gardening starter kit for the love of her gardening escapades. She’s going to love it if she’s into gardening and flowers.

43. A New Recipe Book


A recipe book for your lovely mom where she can jot down the new recipes which she’s going to make for you and also fulfill her wish of cooking and seeing a smile on people’s faces after they try her recipes. Talk about selflessness.

44. Gift Certificate

You probably know her favorite shop; get her a gift certificate for it and she will be ecstatic

The question what do moms want for Christmas haunts many and gift certificates can be a lifesaver in these situations. You probably know her favorite shop; get her a gift certificate for it and she will be ecstatic.

45. A Cashmere Scarf


  • A cashmere scarf is luxurious and will definitely make your mom happy

If the cashmere robe that we mentioned above is a bit out of your pocket’s range then go for a bit cheaper but equally classy option. A cashmere scarf is going to keep her cozy and warm and she’s always going to remember you for it.

46. Holiday Treat

Surprise her with the trip

Everyone has a dream destination. If you know your mom’s and are capable enough of sending her there then what are you waiting for ? Go and book a holiday adventure and send her on a trip of a lifetime.

47. Perfume

Choose something classy that comes with an elegant bottle

This is a classic for a reason; there are lots of beautiful and great scents out there that you can give to your mother. Choose something classy that comes with an elegant bottle.

48. Slippers

slippers which keep her feet warm in the winter

Get her those cozy fur slippers which keep her feet warm in the winter and wears it the first thing when she gets out of the bed.

49. Cozy Throw

 gifts for mom is a monogrammed cozy throw

One of the most thoughtful gifts for mom is a monogrammed cozy throw. It is personal, functional and practical. Moreover, it will bring her warmth and comfort and can be used anywhere.

50. Jewelry Box/Organizer

Every woman needs a jewelry box or organizer for keeping track of her jewelry

Women like to stay organized. And when it comes to jewelry, the care and organisation goes a step further. Getting a jewelry box can be a good option if you want your mom to stay organized at every moment.

51. Glass Case

By your mom Glass Case

You will find a variety of eyeglass cases which can be quirky and practical at the very same time.
Bonus Tip : :Get a customised case which has her name inscribed on it.

52. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Christmas gift for mom would be a blanket with style like a mermaid blanket

You know what would be really cool ? Make your mom’s dream of becoming a mermaid true. Well, partially but still. There are several types of mermaid style blankets available in the market which can be bought. They can be very warm and cosy. They can prove out to be amazing for her to just wrap herself in the sofa.

53. Natural Soaps

Natural Soaps

Get your mom natural soaps which she can use. These natural handmade soaps can be beneficial as well as something different than the ordinary.

54. Meditation Subscriptions

Meditation Subscriptions

For the hard working moms who live on the go and are always stressed out, you can go ahead and help her out. Buy her a subscription of apps like Headspace which she can use to meditate and relax. It is going to help her in the long run.

55. Travel Sleep Kit


If your mom is the one who keeps on travelling for her work then buy a travel kit for her which includes a set of – neck pillow, eye mask, and ear pods.

56. Kindle

you can get her a Kindle for reading her e-books

If your mom is an avid reader and wants to read many books at once or is not good with handling physical books then Kindle is the answer for her. Go for a Kindle and load it with her favourite author so she can binge read it while she’s on the go, chilling or just wants to pass her time.

57. Decoration Items

Mothers who enjoy decorating their homes will love anything that can help them do it

The mothers who love to decorate things and the home during the season, several types of decorating items for the tree as well as the entire home can be a cool gifting option. Lights, ornaments etc can work out.

58. Manicure Set

a manicure set can be a blessing, especially if they don’t have the time to go to the salon

For the busy moms who are always on the go, a manicure sesh at the home can be a blessing truly. There are several apps and websites which provide with an in-home manicure service or you can even contact the local parlour in your area.

59. Salon Appointment


An appointment at a salon is always a great idea. Your mother will thank you for this one. Go ahead and book an all inclusive appointment regarding hair, nails, face or whatever she wants to get done. Make her look prettier this Christmas!

60. Fresh Flowers


Now, answer this. Who do you know of that has ever gone wrong with flowers ? No one ? Nada ? Cipher? Zero ? Exactly proves my point. Go to the flower shop and buy her favourite flowers from there fresh and still smelling like fresh from the orchids.

61. Christmas Cupcakes

you can buy your mom Christmas Cupcakes

Couldn’t save up money for gifts on Christmas ? , Don’t know what to get your mother on Christmas again ?
Well, if you want to play it safe, you can go ahead and bake some cupcakes for her and the entire family. Look up on the internet for the recipe and the designs which you can use on the cupcakes.

62. Polaroid Camera

Polaroids can give instant photos and moms who love taking pictures will be just delighted to get it

This is for the moms who want to capture each and every moment physically rather than just as another file on their smartphones or laptops. Polaroid cameras are a classic and will never go out of style.

63. Passport Cover

you can get her a passport cover to keep her passport and other essential stuff like ticket

If your mother travels frequently, you can get her a passport cover to keep her passport and other essential stuff like ticket. Plenty of funky designs are available.

64. Tech Case


A case for all her tech devices would be a good option. Either get them customised or get it the way she loves it.

65. Sweater


  • Sweaters are a traditional gift given on Christmas

Sweaters are a traditional and the best go to gift for the Christmas season. Go and get her a sweater that’s cozy and stylish at the same time. You can also go with the Christmas spirit and buy a sweater with the reindeers on it.

66. Pie-Making Kit


Get her a pie making kit which includes each and every necessary component for making pies. Make sure it includes all the important parts and she uses it at gatherings and events.

67. Festive Holiday Plates

you will find lots of festive and pretty holiday serving plates

For the moms who like to host people at her place during the holiday season, a set of holiday plates can be an amazing option. Go and get her a set full of festive plates which she’s going to enjoy serving in.

68. Blow Dryer


A blow dryer for her hair and beauty needs can be a perfect and practical gift for her during winters or when she wants to style her hair the way she wants.

69. Tickets to Fairs, Concerts or Events

Tickets to Fairs ,Concerts or Events

When was the last time your mom asked to go for a concert of her favourite band ? She won’t say it, but you being an amazing kid should know that she’ll love to go there.
There are a lot of events, fetes, fests and carnivals that go around during the Christmas season which can be fun. Go ahead and buy a ticket for your mom to those events and get her some happy time.

70. Towels

luxurious towels woven on ancient looms are a really good way to do it.

A mom deserves everything the best. A luxurious towel which is soft on the skin can be gifted to your mom. She’ll love it. Go for a set of 3 during the Christmas season which will allow you to buy more of them at lower prices.

71. Crafting Products


  • Crafting-Products

For all the crafting needs you can get her different products. Find out what she loves to craft and get her a kit which she enjoys using. Make sure it has all the right equipments.

72. Board Games

 you can get her new versions of old games

If your mom is fond of playing board games then go and buy one. Although board games are hard to find these days but it’ll surely make her nostalgic and you never know, it might lead to a great family bonding session.

73. Apron


Every superhero has a cape. For your mom who loves to cook and is an amazing chef an apron will be one. Get her an apron which she’s going to take out whenever duty calls.

74. BBQ Stove

If your mom likes grilling, you can get her a lightweight BBQ

Get your mom a BBQ stove for all the BBQ luncheons and parties. It’ll come in handy and can be used very well. BBQ stoves come in various sizes and colors, so you are spoilt for choice. Moreover, the different weights make it compatible with moms and every other demographic.

75. Bath Bombs


Get your mom a set of bath bombs which make her bath sessions a wonderful one !

76. Birthstone Ring


  • you can buy your mom Birthstone Ring

Get sentimental and gift your mom a ring with the birthstone of all her kids. It’ll be an emotional and well thought gift which she won’t ever forget. Go and get one and she’s going to love it for various reasons.

77. Gym Membership


Moms who want to get fitter can sincerely use this gift. Get her a membership to the gym and make sure she’s religiously following her workout regime.

78. Ayurvedic Kits HD

Ayurvedic Kits

Anything ayurvedic is beneficial. Go for an ayurvedic cleanser or mask that your mom can use when she needs to and can apply it to make herself feel better.

79. Book Shelf


A book shelf for your avid reading mother can be a wonderful gift. Buy a bookshelf and place it in her room. If you want to go for an easier and simpler option you can opt for book ends rather than a whole shelf.
Bonus Tip : Place the book shelf and fill it up with the books of her favourite author or genre in a specific order.

80. Night Pyjamas


Look out for a cozy night pyjamas set which she can use and it can be a cute one too with all the reindeers and stuff that goes with the theme.

81. Coffee Mug

Coffee mug

A coffee mug when she’s in a hurry and has to rush is a good option.
Bonus Tip : Get a temperature controlled coffee mug.

82. Bathrobe


A bathrobe which is classy and soft on the skin is the way to go.

83. Power Bank


Practicality matters. Hence, go for a power bank and make sure that her phone always remains charged while she’s on the go. Buy a power bank which she’s definitely going to use and thank you for every time her phone’s about to die.

84. Personalised Tee


Every mom wants her to show off their kids. Go and get her a tee which has something special written on it in your own handwriting or has a picture of the drawing you made for her in the first grade. She’ll proudly flaunt it.

85. Card Holder


This can be an addition to the normal wallet. Go a step ahead and buy a card holder for all her credit cards and important cards which is going to keep her organized and on the go.

86. Statement Earrings

you can Buy your mom Statement Earrings

Statement earrings can be considered and they are obviously a notch above just earrings. She can show off when she goes out with her friends.

87. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are the accessory which any woman loves in her outfit. So go on and buy one for your mom and make her stand out in the crowd by buying the ones which are in trend.

88. Tray Set

you can buy your mom tray set

Pick up a variety of tray sets with different designs and patterns that go in line with the Holiday theme. She’ll be proud of you for being so thoughtful. Moreover, you’ll be the ‘good daughter/son’ at family gatherings when she uses them.

89. Photo Frame

you can buy your mom Photo Frame

Did you just forget about buying a gift for your mom again ? Well, photo frames are one of the best last minute gifting options you can go for. Just make sure you customize it a bit.

90. Eye Mask

you can buy your mom eye mask

For the hardworking moms who find it hard to sleep when they go to bed after a hard day at work the sleep mask can come to the rescue.
Bonus Tip : Go for the silk eye mask which is soft on the eyes

91. A Satin Kimono

you can buy your mom A Satin Kimono

Get your mom the comfort of satin and the relaxing fit of the Kimono. She can use it to wear around the house when she just gotta chill or when she wants something comfortable when they are relaxing at home and this fits the bill. Mommy is going to love it.

92. Diamond Studs


  • you can buy your mom Diamond Studs

These are the classic gift for every occasion. If you’ve got the necessary funds and all the other means then go for it. Go for a type which are versatile and can be worn anywhere your mom wants. Trust us, you’re going to be labelled as the ‘best kid’ in your mom’s friend circle for this.

93. Lip Balms


Its going to keep mother’s lips soft and supple in the harsh winters. It is a practical, last minute and an easy on the pocket gift that should be definitely considered.

94. Scrapbook or Photo Album

you can buy your mom Scrapbook or Photo Album

Collect those small memories that matter. Those small moments where your mom laughs or those childhood days where you’re playing in her lap and put it all together in an album. It’s going to be way too emotional for both of you.

95. Personalized Journal

If your mom likes to write a daily journal she will love getting a personalized journal

Writing a journal is a great habit and if your mom has one then make sure you contribute to that habit and make her continue that. Buy a plain looking and simple journal from the market and decorate it with your photos or with designs which go with her taste.

96. Long Distance Lamps


Now, this one might seem straight out of a movie but it is way too reasonable and thoughtful. These lamps come in a pair and work with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. Now, when of the lamps is touched the other one lights up, irrespective of where it is. Just imagine, how emotional it’d be for a mom and her kids living hundreds of miles away. A must buy !

97. Massager


Imagine this – You did overtime at work, got office stress, you’ve got to prepare dinner for your family and then complete that presentation. It is quite possible that this is the routine of many of the super moms out there. Now, I won’t say that a massager will solve each and every problem of hers but it surely will give her the relaxation she needs. Go and buy one ASAP!!

98. LED Light Up Laces

you can buy your mom LED Light Up Laces

Are you worried that your mom might stump upon something in the dark and injure herself ? Well, go for LED laces or strings which she can attach to her shoes and stay safe. Thank us later!

99. Macarons

you can buy your mom macarons

No one can say no to Macarons. And when it’s the Holidays then not at all. Go and buy a set of colourful Macarons that don’t only taste heavenly but also look aesthetic and amazing.

100. Tracking Tags

buy your mom Tracking Tags

These are great for keeping track of anything. Give them to mom and tell her to carry one in her purse as they can transmit her GPS coordinates to you. In this way, you will know where she is at all times and not worry about her safety.

101. Stockings

you can buy a bunch of stockings for the entire family with their names embroidered on them

It’s Christmas time. Go and buy a pair of cute stockings with her name embroidered on it. Go with the theme and buy the ones with reindeers on it or cute penguins even.

Choose any of these 101 Christmas gifts for your mother and watch her smile bloom and her eyes fill with happy tears at your thoughtfulness.
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