12 Beautiful Women Who Can’t Stop ‘Straddling’ on Instagram

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Kim Kardashian

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Beautiful women have a new favorite pose on Instagram, and it’s called “straddling.”

To perform this flattering feat, they rest on their legs while positioned wide apart, as if they were straddling an invisible horse. The effect elongates the torso, widens the hips, extenuates the legs and makes the chest appear larger.

Even Gigi Hadid is a fan. (Photo: YouTube)

It really does work wonders, which explains why Instagram queens like Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski are fans. Those two earn bonus points for flaunting their “hip cleavage” while they were at it. 

Above, 12 gorgeous ladies showing off their sexiest “straddle” poses. 

h/t NY Post

Source: 12 Beautiful Women Who Can't Stop 'Straddling' on Instagram