Luxurious underwear made from the world’s best cotton

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The new Hanro women’s basic collection, sea island cotton is the embodiment of true luxury. The sophisticated underwear is made of genuine Sea Island cotton—the finest, silkiest and most precious cotton in the world.

Sea Island cotton fibres are cultivated exclusively on the British West Indies Caribbean islands. Only this limited area offers the necessary climatic conditions to unfold the perfection of the rare and precious Sea Island cotton fibres. Sea Island cotton stands out with an unrivalled staple length of 50 mm…it does not get any better. The fibres are picked by hand and skilfully processed in a gentle traditional method.

The result can be experienced in the exquisite quality, the outstanding durability, the unmatched soft touch and the incomparably silky texture of Sea Island Cotton fabrics. The superb styles from 100 per cent Sea Island cotton-Interlock, offer unsurpassed stability and comfort.

The true exclusivity is evident when comparing with global production. The proportion of Sea Island cotton of total worldwide cotton production is no more than 0,0004 per cent.

A special hologram on the packaging guarantees the 100 per cent authenticity of sea island cotton underwear from HANRO of Switzerland.

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