Savage X Fenty has launched: Wishlist

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The big news of the lingerie-sphere of late has been Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty collection launching. While it’s a somewhat controversial topic amongst lingeristas due to the size range, the styles released, celebrities launching lingerie lines and more (read our thoughts pre-launch here), you can’t deny that it’s been a successful campaign. How many people have you heard talking about it? Have you seen the pieces that have already sold out? Did you see the waitlists to get into the site earlier?

Lingerie is a difficult business to break into – there’s no denying that. Having a celebrity behind a new launch can work absolute wonders for your reach and influence, but that’s still not always something that’s going to make a collection successful. We’re still waiting to see what the production quality and fit of this collection is since there have been no reviews yet – in fact, we’ve barely even had sneak previews of the collection before launch!

But finally, it’s launched! And we didn’t want to get too serious with this post. While the bra size range doesn’t actually fit either of us (I’m a way out at a 28GG/30G but Char could feasibly sister size into a 32C and be happy) and while they’re US based, we can still pick out our faves that may work for others or that we just plain old like!

A couple of thoughts before we start though: having talked about the marketing being kind of disappointing by telling DD customers that their size was “really giant boobs”, I’m glad to see that, nevertheless, their model imagery is inclusive of a variety of sizes. While I’d love to tell you that many of those models should be wearing a DD+, that’s not a debate I want to get into today. What I’m happier about is the fact that we’ve got models of varying sizes including standard size and plus size. And on top of that, we’ve got models of a pretty big range of skin tones to match the various nude coloured pieces of lingerie the Savage X Fenty line is offering. This is a bold move for a first collection and one that will certainly get people talking and make a lot of people very happy.

Sheer Marabou Short Robe

Sheer Marabou Short Robe

Finally I love the fact that we haven’t just got bras and knickers with a babydoll or bustier thrown in for good measure. No, we’ve got a full collection of “lingerie” as well as basics too – there are lace teddies, camis and shorts, robes, jumpsuits and slips. Pieces that a normal consumer might not have previously considered or might think to be the territory of shops designed specifically to sell “sexy” lingerie – you know the kind! Instead, the collection is bringing different forms of lingerie to the forefront, and I’m pretty happy about that.

While the designs aren’t exactly groundbreaking, they’re pretty good – there are some lovely pretties at a lower price point than you might see elsewhere (the benefit of a larger scale production over smaller businesses – as they’re producing more, they can offer lower prices). And in defence of the designs, they’re not going to be groundbreaking as that’s not what’s going to sell to the masses. I’m personally enjoying the use of sheer fabrics alongside marabou feathers (very retro!), the simple designs for everyday wear, and classic shapes that we know and love.

Then again, I haven’t been tempted enough by any of the looks to buy them and own a piece of collection – is that saying something?

But on with the wishlist (or, I guess, more of a first look guide)! Let’s see a few of the pieces Savage X Fenty has to offer:

Begin Yuzo
End Yuzo 🙂


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