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If you don’t know I am 100% a crazy cat lady. Interestingly enough I have a foundation in Animal Care and eventually when I finish I will likely take a feline-specific course so I am a qualified, certified, crazy cat lady.  I mean both of my cats have instagram (@thequeentuna and @minglevondingle if you are interested), I have a cat at my nans and my mother in law has 7 cats so… I am surrounded by feline glory.  It was only natural my lingerie habits follow suit is it not?

So when Foxglove Lingerie to release Kitty-cat, of course they shamelessly had my attention.

Foxglove Lingerie is a UK brand based in London. Unfortunately in terms of their stance on how ethical they are there is no information on the website other than basic shippings and return FAQ’s so I can’t advise a great deal.

Foxglove Lingerie has an unbelievably huge range for such a small business. There is something for everyone on there, literally, in fact I was a little overwhelmed when I realised. I’ve had my eye on Foxglove Lingerie for some time as a budget brand but nothing has ever been particularly my style preference until they hit me with this neon feline wonder. Naturally, I ordered it immediately.


Kitty-cat is unbelievably lairy in a ‘marmite’ way that you are either going to love it or hate it. I love it. Which must be something to do with the cat print because I generally give a wide berth to anything garish. But then again if you are going to scream into the void about how much you love cats why not with this?

Kitty-cat is bold, brash and in your face yet is soft enough with the spaces filled with light baby pink to not be too overbearing, even if this isn’t your cup of tea, it isn’t something you want to shield your eyes from, if anything you are interested in the busy, variety of printed cat faces.

I ordered both the brief and the bralette in a small because I knew the soft stretch scuba fabric was going to be wholesome and accommodating which is correct. The brief and the bra mould comfortably around your body and although the generic sizes go to a UK 14/16 you can always request a custom size. Being relatively true to average sizes the small was just right for me with some adjustment of the straps.
The only downside is that the bust coverage is huge so expect to be completely swamped by the cups if you are between A – C.  Flat busts don’t bother me in the slightest but it is more notable in this set than any others I own.

I am all about the cut of this. The 80s style cut of the high waist brief and band bralette is just so cool in my opinion. I mean, look at the way this looks on my hips? Bam Kittens, Bam feminine curves!

The quality of the choice of print on Kitty-cat is great, so bold even all the whiskers on the cats  stand out crystal clear. The seams and colour matching are near-perfect, so much so although the seams are very bold close up fade lovely into the set from a distance and all finished with cute ribbon bows and simple metal components.

The set is overall tidy but the quality of the brief excels whereas the bralette falls short. The brief is exceptionally secure with tight short stitches the whole way around but the bralette, it just seems to be unstable. My issue is mainly that on the joins if you roll your finger over the seams they can and will loosen which makes sense to the varying loose threads dotted about. I don’t imagine this set will have huge longevity which does make me quite sad because I really like this.

And of course the one pet peeve I must bring up but is not something I expect in a garment of this price range, mismatched patterning. This set is a budget set – I would never expect in a million years the designer to match it up but I just cannot help but dream of how good it would have looked if it did…


The set in total cost £37.00 which, considering the overall quality, I am very hesitant on whether this is reasonable or not. Considering todays market, it probably it but it just feels like it isn’t. Someone has made this by hand, which is always worth the money, everytime but I want to keep it for longer than what I would pick up from say, Primark for £15.00.

I actually have had to arrange to send the original bralette back because one seam on the bottom of the bralette completely come away. The whole thing unravelled. I spoke with Foxglove Lingerie who immediately requested it be sent back in exchange for a new one so they could investigate the matter which is absolutely wonderful both customer service-wise and as knowledge for the designer. We all make mistakes and learn from them to become better.

Foxglove Lingerie has been about for a while now and although I am not a designer and have not owned a business, I feel they could do with cutting back on the designs and putting more into a smaller range. The designs they produce are gorgeous and they could use increasing the price alongside the quality to push for a better overall product.

I will come back, I will because there is potential here but… I’ll wait a while.