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I indulged in Dora Larsen last year much to my delight after dilemma’ing about my own personal opinion on clashing colour ways and was absolutely thrilled to finally meet with them when I attended the Dessous trade show earlier this year. Georgia, the brand creator, attended and was bright, cheery and kindly to every person attending despite being hit by that awful bug and I was proud, profoundly grateful and elated to meet her, her team and speak about the brand (and sneak my bum out because I wore my Holly set that day).

Dora Larsen has a page dedicated to ethics on the website which I find important and something for other brands to look up too. Dora Larsen works with a factory in the Guangdong region of China which is regulated to ensure high standards but most importantly follows the Eti Base Code. the requirements for this include the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, working hours, no child labour, no forced labour, no discrimination, health and well-being and communication of employment. The factory also works locally to reduce fabric wastage.

Dora Larsens next release centred around another bout of clashing colour ways to invoke and appeal to a range of emotions and tastes and naturally, I was smitten with the softer pastel combination that was ‘Daisy’.


Daisy evokes a few things in me as experiencing colour is both objective and subjective. Overall I find Daisy to be soothing and gentle. I often think of fresh scents like mint or crushed strawberries when I look at or wear this set. People either tend to love or hate pastel mixes and I am definitely in the formor.

I was sent the thong in small and the bra in 32B. As previously mentioned Dora Larsen is reliable on sizing and the materials have ‘give or take’ to be very limber.

I opted for the full cup underwire as opposed to the demi cup style I choose previous and the thong instead of a high waist brief. In comparison, the demi bra feels a little sturdier and provides a subtle lift, but the full cup is more encompassing and casual, framing your bust as opposed to moving it in anyway. I’d personally wear different styles of bra for different reasons entirely, so this adds another element to consider on a purchase.

The thong is one of the most comfortable I own. In fact the whole set is without too much dig nor looseness, that ideal medium that makes for a wearable perfection.

This ideal is likely down to the flexibility of the mesh and elastic that Dora Larsen uses throughout the entire range which is naturally malleable and importantly, soft. The set feels like a well washed comfort. I was even surprised to find this extended to the gore of the bra where there is the cut out aspect, which I was concerned would dig and mark me. The edges are supple and soft with a little bit of extra fabric at the top to stop the underwire from having any dig so, no, my worries were cut short with ease.

The construction, yet again, is done to a high standard. All of the linear stitch work is streamlined and beautiful. Things can get a bit messy on joins where the stitching doubles up and falls out of line. The frying on cuts are minimal and clean which you often struggle to find on independant brands and I struggled to find any loose or uncut threads.

A bugbear of mine that follows through from my previous blog is how the lace cuts off vertically in the hip of the briefs, I wish this beautiful eyelash lace tapered round in a more natural and flowing nature but this may not be as feasible as I make it sound, as I am talking from a consumer view and how it looks as opposed to how it is made but I still wish it tapered neatly into the eyelash lace at the front of the thong.

Most impressively though is the duel matching colour on the multi seam of the cup. The turquoise eyelash lace on the top it matched in and you flip it over and the seam is duel bottom pink. It is in actuality two separate layers matches over one another but it is lined up with such consideration you really have to get handsy to realise.


Daisy retails for £54.00 for the full cup underwire and only comes in the thong or ‘Brazilian knicker’ for £32.00. You can opt for a padded triangle style bra for a lower price of £46.00 so all in all the maximum for a set is £86.00 which for the superb construction, unique colour ways (even if Daisy may not fall into being strictly unique like other matches Dora Larsen offers) and an ethical independant brand it is worth it.

I want to point out again how touched I was meeting the brand. Dora Larsen made me feel recognised, humble and appreciated which, some of the brands fell entirely flat on. It was lovely being able to engage happily with such lovely people and that, on top of all of the overall qualities, will always have me coming back, to support a worthy brand and creditable designer and her team.

Dora Larsen is also slowly expanding her range to embody larger cups so watch this space! I know at the trade show my fuller bust blogging colleagues were very excited at the prospects.