Bridal Lingerie under £100

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Wow, so I let time get away from me a little bit there – I still have multiple bridal lingerie posts still to publish but….I’m now married!! The big day was on the 26th May, and I can’t WAIT to share my bridal lingerie with you all! I’ve shared a quick snap on Instagram with my getting ready bridal robe, but I had a special bra and knickers set underneath that we managed to get the professional photographer to snap a few photos of. We’re waiting the looong wait to get the photos back right now but have had a few sneak peeks (keep up to date on my main blog for these), but once they’re in, come back here for my real wedding day lingerie!

But on with the real show! Last time we talked about affordable bridal lingerie that came in at under £50 for people looking to save money on their underwear but still wanted something special. Today we’re looking at lingerie that’s a little bit more expensive but doesn’t blow the bank – at least for lingerie addicts who are used to seeing prices soaring into 3 or 4 figures! These are the pieces that you won’t normally see in the usual high street stores, but they’re also not full scale hand-sewn luxury.

This price range is where I tend to search for my lingerie. I’m happy to pay a little bit more to get high quality from indie designers, but I also can’t quite afford to throw more than £100 regularly at lingerie. This price bracket tends to get you something that’s slightly more unique, with a little more attention to detail and manufacture quality, and you’ll start to see more ethical and sustainable brands that do smaller runs using locally sourced materials which is where the higher price tends to come into play. You might find some silk, higher quality lace or other slightly more expensive fabrics being used. For me, I think that these factors in lingerie are worth paying that little bit more for to get something that really shines, especially on a big day like your wedding.

Gilda & Pearl Ava Bra - £100

Gilda & Pearl Ava Bra – £100

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