Affordable Bridal Lingerie under £50

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It’s time – finally time! – for all those posts I’ve been going on and on about: the bridal lingerie lists!

As you’ve probably gathered (because I haven’t shut up about it for months), I’m getting married at the end of May. There’s been a lot of planning to do, from finding The Dress to booking suppliers to creating DIY decorations – because some clever person (ie. me) decided 1000 origami cranes would be an excellent idea (luckily I have excellent friends who have chipped in with a few hundred or so too!). But there’s one part of the planning process that was especially exciting to me as a lingerie enthusiast – finding the right lingerie for the big day and for the honeymoon.

In years gone by, as a fuller busted woman, I would have struggled to find bridal lingerie I liked that would actually fit me. I’m not saying the options are endless, but the lingerie-sphere has broadened hugely over the time I’ve been a part of it. I’m now quite able to find bras, bralettes, loungewear and even shapewear to fit my only-slightly unusual figure. I’ve also broadened my own horizons and am not quite so focused on perfect fit any more – I’ll be willing to sister size or wear a cup a size or two too small for the purposes of fulfilling my goals of owning all the beautiful lingerie.

And so, finding the perfect bridal lingerie became a quest for me – a quest to find beautiful lingerie that was designed as or could feasibly be worn as bridal lingerie.


Sculptresse Chi Chi

Sculptresse Chi Chi

It’s tricky to say what is and what isn’t bridal lingerie. Full disclaimer: I don’t believe that bridal lingerie necessarily has to be white or ivory, or even a shade of “Something Blue”. But in terms of traditional bridal lingerie, the vast majority of what’s making up these posts will come under those categories – otherwise, I could just list ALL the pretties in any colours and styles and claim them to be bridal lingerie, and that would be no help whatsoever to people who’ve come here looking for the traditional stuff.

Anyway, on with the show! In my quest to find my perfect bridal lingerie, I’ve come across a lot of beautiful garments and brands that are new to me. And so I wanted to share them with the world so that others might not need to dig quite as far as I did to find bridal lingerie. But it turned out that I’d gathered waaaayyyyy too many links to fit them all into one post.

So up first we’re looking at bridal lingerie under £50 – affordable, good value pieces for those that don’t want to spend a fortune on their wedding day or honeymoon lingerie but still want something special. Don’t worry, there are more posts with more luxury items to come!

Begin Yuzo
End Yuzo 🙂


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