Skineez, Walmart partner to offer smart wearables

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Skineez Skincarewear, a leading cosmotextile skincarewear company, has announced that its line of hydrating leggings, capris, socks, and fingerless gloves will be available at Walmart stores nationwide. The company’s stylish, hydrating smart fabric is infused with natural elements like shea butter, retinol, and rose hip oil that help repair and restore skin.


Skineez is the only company to manufacture innovative, smart cosmotextile compression products that provide therapeutic and hydration benefits that are endorsed by medical professionals.


“We’re thrilled to offer Skineez products to Walmart customers and our goal is to help improve their overall health and wellness,” said Michelle Moran, CEO of Skineez Skincarewear. “As a company, we’re committed to providing high-quality, innovative, life-improving products and our wearable compression skincarewear helps men and women improve skin hydration and firmness while providing incredible comfort,” she added.

Skineez Skincarewear patented, FDA-approved leggings, capris, gloves and compression socks are perfect for professionals who spend long hours on their feet or are active on the job including; pilots, nurses, flight attendants, police officers, firefighters, emergency workers, military, transportation workers, athletes, fitness instructors, dancers, and more. The revolutionary wearable skincare clothing pulls double duty to improve skin’s texture and firmness while providing compression and comfort.

The company also recently began working with the US Military to provide hydrating compression socks to active soldiers and veterans. The socks’ restorative properties are helpful in treating damaged or injured skin and provide extreme comfort when worn.

Skineez garments are pre-treated with skin-healthy cosmetic nutrients and are clinically proven to deliver firmer, smoother and younger looking skin. In a Consumer Perception Survey after wearing for one hour, 88 per cent said that their skin felt soft and smoother; and after wearing for one week, 96 per cent said that the products were comfortable, and 85 per cent said that they would recommend this product, Skineez Skincarewear press release said.

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